5 strange reasons your workout isn’t working:

#1…You keep doing the same workout.
Have you heard Einstein’s definition of Insanity?
“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a new result.”
It makes sense…if you want progress…
Change it up!
Suggestions: If you are a runner…try rowing once a week. A walker…go swimming.
A tennis player…take a bike ride.

#2…You think it takes up time.
Yes, of course you need time but not more than 30-60 minutes. That’s 4% of your day 🙂 Working out does not have to be a production. Suggestions:
Go for a walk. Follow a YouTube video, or dance with your family.

#3…You are relying on machines to do the work…more and more people are turning to cardio equipment to get in shape. While we do burn calories on the treadmill or the elliptical…the repetitive actions by the machine’s design are not necessarily functional. That means overtime you may use too much hip flexor or are not moving in a way that your body is actually designed. It’s best to mix up the gym machines with some natural free body weight movements so you don’t throw everything off alignment.

#4…You care too much about other people…
It’s your body, it’s your goals, you can get inspired but stick to how you feel.
Write down what YOU want 3 months from now…what action steps will get you there?

#5…You have limitations that are not real.
What’s your excuse? Time? Resources? Body image? Are you believing you can achieve a better stronger body? Because you absolutely can! What would you feel like if you were in your ideal shape? What’s holding you back from feeling that way now? Try to feel it!
Once you know what it feels like…doors will open and you will start to find ways to reach your goals…

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In good health,

Tracey, Joe and Jeannine