One afternoon, skiing down a slippery slope in Utah, Alice fell and tore her ACL. Alice, who was always an athlete and an avid skier, was devastated and shocked, facing the fear that she may not get to ski again.

She had been working out with FitWalk for two years before this accident happened.
Once she let us know about the accident, we all sent her well wishes for a speedy recovery. She had surgery shortly after, and was out of commission for nearly six months because of it.

After the accident and recovery, she was a little scared to jump right back into class. So instead, she called us for personal training. We trained her privately and helped bridge the gap between her Physical therapy program and getting back into fitness classes and a workout routine.

Now, Alice is back in full force, feeling stronger than ever.

When we asked Alice what her hesitations were to getting back into Fitwalk… she explained how she was apprehensive because of her surgery. “ I soon learned after a few private fit walk sessions that I hadn’t declined too much and I was able to pick my fitness ability right back up. As a matter of fact, Tracey used heavier weights with me and had me take risks after we felt my knee was safe and I actually came back stronger.”

Alice is currently fully booked back into FitWalk and taking BootCamp classes with us as well!

When we asked her if she’ll ski again she responded “Heck yes!”, later explaining, “I feel more confident and stronger from training and the fact that I got back in the game. I am confident and feeling prepared myself for the season.”

Alice’s story shows us how important Consistency in Training should be.

Regardless of your fitness level, there’s never a time to quit training and if you haven’t started yet, the best time to begin is always now!