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“Pack into your mind and body the sound of the music of your heart. Don’t let it prevent you from wasting time experiencing the wonders of life.” Tao Porchon Lynch

Today, I had the privilege of attending a 100 year birthday celebration for the lovely Tao Porchon-Lynch.

I have taken classes with her before, but today especially, I was fascinated by her grace and playfulness.
Even though it was hard to hear her and she was careful with her movements…she had an amazingly youthful spirit…taking in every moment!

I believe age is here to teach us how to live better…

Today I learned that having a purpose means putting purpose in everything you do…whether it’s a business project, helping a friend or spending time with our kids …every moment has meaning and how we show up gives us our purpose. We add value just by being ourselves!

Other things I learned from Tao:

1. You fall you get back up.
2. Being graceful takes practice.
3. It’s ok to depend on other people.
4. A smile is worth a thousand words!

So whether you are at the beginning of life, the middle of life or near the end of life…’s all still life… let’s live!