Happy International calm day!

Who knew?  -and it rhymes..with palm.

Today I’ve got a restoration kit for you!

It’s truly a gift for you…

You can use it anytime you start to get panicked or feel overwhelmed..(which lately during this pandemic might be more often then you’d like)

Here are 5 simple tips to shift you out of negative, anxiety feelings and back into a state a calm and inner peace.   We are no good to anyone when we are stressed..so take these next few minutes to yourself to read this

Find a quiet space where you feel safe and won’t be disturbed then you can return with a new awareness and calm:-)

You can start with these stretches (photo below) or do them at a different time…. they support recovery and help your spine and your nervous system… in this order… hold each pose for 3 full breaths.

Bridge pose

Happy baby

Sphinx pose

Child’s pose

Here’s your kit.

  1. Stop.  Stop what you are doing, stop what  you are thinking …slow down and just breath….  this will take under 60 seconds and can have an instant effect. Begin by getting comfortable either a seated or laying position if possible….breath in count 1, breath out count 2…all the way up to 10 .. go slow, go deep and stay even.. repeat if you like.
  2. Notice:  notice your thoughts .. are they repetitive are they negative ..?  Listen to yourself.. let yourself vent … and then like a good friend redirect yourself… it’s okay to vent.  Don’t try to fix any problems …give yourself a good hug by wrapping your arms around yourself..it’s okay … this shall pass and reach for a better feeling thought….
  3. Write a list of something that brings you joy…something that takes only 5 minutes ..maybe it’s hugging your pet, or your child, maybe it’s smelling some flowers, or taking a photo or stepping outside and letting the sun on your face.   I like to put on a song and just dance freely ..  what can you do in 5 minutes everyday?  Go ahead and make a list of joyments.. moments of joy!
  4. Cut way  back on, screen time, caffeine, and alcohol… these things initially give us a boost and take us away from our troubles.. but they actually cause our body and mind to deplete our hormones and in the long run can make us even more frazzled and stressed…Ask yourself do I really need this… or is it only a want, and will I feel better if I wait this one out.
  5. Write something down… keep a journal or small notebook by your bed. -find one thing you are grateful for and write it in your journal …if you do this everyday for 6 days the momentum will build and the gratitude will fill you with peace and calm and a more positive outlook..

You got this! The world needs your calm and internal strength right now!
Pull this Kit out anytime you need to.

Please forward this to anyone you think could use it!

In good health,

Tracey and the Fitwalk Team