Here’s what our happy clients had to say about FitWalk:

“Hi Tracey, Thank you very much for all you do, for all of us. It’s really appreciated.  Being part of this challenge made me realize how many bad habits I have and for a very long time.  I have cut out having coffee and added sugar throughout the day. I eat a lot more raw vegetables, which I didn’t really eat that much, and now I drink the flavored decaf teas without added sugar.  I feel like I have more energy also.  Thanks again, – Grace ”

“ I loved being a part of Tracey’s Fall Reset! It refocused me! I paid closer attention to labels, artificial sweeteners, my caffeine and alcohol consumption. I drank more water and was more thoughtful about my bedtime routine! I saw a little dip in the scale, now I’m psyched to join the ‘holiday fitness project’ as we head into the holidays! Thank you Tracey! – Kim “

“ The 28 day challenge gave me the opportunity to reset my routine and get back on track. The meal plan was so easy to follow and delicious. I became much more aware of what I was eating. The change gave me more energy and improved my sleep. – Karen Kennedy “

“ Working at home during CoVid has enhanced my mental and physical state beyond what I thought was possible. Having this time to workout at home has helped me to find balance in my life. By taking the time to workout with Fitwalk on Zoom 4-5 days a week, I feel clearer mentally, stronger physically, and I am able to see and fight for the positives in my life during these difficult times. Empowered, Enriched, and Enlightened are just a few words to describe my gratitude. Thank you Fitwalk! – Sue A.”

“ It’s helped me stay in shape and actually in better shape than pre-Covid because I have more opportunity to exercise. I have a lot of trouble exercising on my own and these live classes really work for me in a way that just exercising to some YouTube class wouldn’t. It really helps my mood and level of anxiety to really exercise hard at the start of my day. So grateful for you Tracey! – Robin “ 

“Thank you Tracey! These training sessions have helped me lose weight, get stronger and feel really healthy. I believe my life has improved from training with you.”

Robert - Bronxville, NY

“Love, love, love FitWalk! I spent years looking for an exercise program that worked for me. No matter how tough, I just can’t help feeling good after a session!”

J-M - Mt. Vernon, NY

“I really look forward to FitWalk class after a day in the office. The fun total workout in the beautiful park melts the day’s stresses away.”

Lindsay - Westchester, NY

“FitWalk is a great workout for any fitness level – whether you’re already fit, or whether (like me) you need to modify some things. It’s an accepting and fun class.”

Laura - Yonkers, NY

“My daughter and I enjoy FitWalk classes together. Tracey always keeps it fun and challenging, no matter where you are in your journey to fitness.”

L & K - Eastchester, NY